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(619) 584-4738
Email: events@sandiegositepros.com

Our Accomplishments

  • Successfully managed and coordinated events ranging from 20 to 1,500 attendees
  • Responsible in managing over half a million in events registration revenue
  • Helped customers achieved the desired event revenue goals by at least 15%
  • Successfully developed event theme and achieved event goals and objectives
  • Effectively managed event revenue and expenses to stay within budget
  • Responsible in vendor research and price negotiation helping customers save time and money
  • Provided accurate and timely event financial reports to customers showing the events bottom line for planning purposes
  • Responsible in preparing event survey and generating reports for future planning
  • Trained over 40 event volunteers to effectively provide the best in customer service
  • Increased event registration by 15% through effective use of Social Media, Press Release, and Email Marketing
  • Negotiated the best discounted hotel room rates with hotel partners saving attendees money
  • Reviewed hotel group and/or catering contract for effective price negotiations

Our Skills

  • Excellent Customer Service (Internal and  External)
  • Attention to Detail and Proactive Approach to Potential Event Challenges
  • Creativity and "Think Outside the Box" Approach in Developing Event Theme
  • Ability to Create and Build  Relationships with Team, Customers and Vendors
  • Effective Time and Money Management
  • Process Management and Improvement for Events to Run Smoothly
  • Leadership to Achieve Desired Event Goals
  • Accuracy and Timeliness in Event Financial Reports
  • Contract Negotiation to Save Customers Money
  • Flexibility to Meet Customers Needs
  • Solutions Oriented to Make Customers Happy
  • Effective Management of Event Social Media and Website Contents

Our  Awesome Team!